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Nail Bed Hematomas Simplified by Sports Medicine M.D.

November 19, 2012

A rather common type of injury is a crushing type injury of the fingertips (such as when closing a door or having someone step on our digits). On many occasions a hematoma (collection of blood) forms underneath the nail bed itself. These hematomas can occur due to an injury of the nail itself, or due to a disruption in the tissue underneath, also known as the ‘matrix’. Because these hematomas can sometimes be associated with a fracture, you want to make sure it is examined by a physician, especially if there is a noticeable abnormality in the alignment of the finger when compared to other fingers.

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Treatment options can include:



-needle decompression of hematoma

-removal of the nail plate

The last two of these will need to be performed in a sterile environment. Some people like to just use a pin to try and ‘drain’ the hematoma, increasing the risk of a potential bacterial infection which could in turn develop serious complications.

Talk to your Sports Physician if you had a fingertip injury, the earlier you do, the faster you’ll be back in the game without complications.


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