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Eating Healthy and Exercising Daily

February 19, 2013

Eating Healthy and Exercising Daily is the key to healthy living. Some of us are blessed with great genes and never have to worry about heart disease, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol or abnormal triglyceride levels. Many of us are predisposed and need to battle these diseases on a daily basis by eating right and exercising. Some of us eating right and exercising is not enough and need a prescription medication to get us where we need to be. This is why we need  to know our body, look out for warning signs.  We need to have our blood levels checked to make sure what we are doing is enough. Talk to your Doctor ask him about your lab work. Make an appointment today. Check your blood pressure. These are one of the first signals your body sends out asking for help. Listen to your body. Respond to your body by eating right and exercising. Once you’ve talked to your Doctor and you’ve been placed on a diet, exercise plan and medication if needed visit your Doctor a couple of months after and follow up on your regimen. Is your body responding?   Are you doing enough? Take control of your body and health. Call us today to make an appointment  (305)MERCYMD Visit us on Follow us on Facebook

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